It may seem common to call Greece “Land of Gods” or The Endless Blue”, but if you experience a sailing holiday in the Greek islands you will soon realize that whoever said the above phrases was not far off the true. Thousands of miles of coastline with picturesque islands in all colors with Greek traditional architecture styles.

From the Saronic islands close to Athens to the cluster of islands in the Cyclades and Dodecanese and from the calm sea of the Ionian islands to the green Northern Sporades islands, is a life time sailing experience. Escape the crowds and discover unspoilt Greek islands and bays only accessible to yachts. Stop for a lunchtime swim and picnic in a beautiful bay or opt for a full day’s sailing. Enjoy great sailing in the afternoon breeze before mooring up for the night in a bustling Greek harbour where you can step off your yacht onto a quayside full of tavernas.
If you are considering sailing in Saronic and Argolic Gulf or the Peloponnese coast, then you will sail in a well protected sailing area with plenty of picturesque destinations being always in a short sailing distance. If you are intending to sail to Cyclades or Dodecanese islands, then get ready for more exciting sailing, as the prevailing winds during the summer are stronger than Saronic Gulf.
Here are two main kinds of charter: bareboat and crewed. Bareboat charters involve a person renting a boat or cabin and skippering it themselves if they are renting the whole yacht. The other way is gathering up a group and renting the yacht with them. Most bareboat companies also offer courses to teach basic seamanship and prepare people for bareboat chartering. These companies also sometimes provide skippered charters, meaning that boat comes with a skipper but no additional crew.
Crewed charter means the yacht comes with a crew. This can be anything from a 35-foot boat with a husband-and-wife team serving as captain and chef to a 300-foot boat with a squad of 30 or more crew members including stewardesses, engineers, mates, deckhands, scuba dive masters, and the like.
Furthermore, all the boats / yachts can be divided into motor boats, sailing boats, catamarans, gulets and luxury yachts. Each of the group has a subgroup of its own. Thus, the motor boats can be divided into those with one engine, with two or more engines, fly bridge or open. Sailing boats also have so many varieties, cruising boats, racers. Not to mention luxury yachts and gulets.
The boat choice depends on several factors. The number of passengers is among the important ones, for it will affect further procedure. Take into consideration that all the cabins can accommodate two people. It’s up to you whether to take the matrimonial one, twin bedded cabin or bunk beds. Some cabins, usually twin bedded, provide the third additional berth as well, while some can be convertible into matrimonial ones. One of the crucial factors is the budget that one disposes of. Sailing yachts prices are generally more favorable, while motor yachts require more expenses. However, these are completely different charter types, hence the difference in prices.
The experience and the competence in navigation will also influence the choice. The more experienced you are, the easier the choice will be. The vessel equipment is also very important, for it affects the price and the quality of the service. Some items can be added upon request, though not necessarily included in the price, therefore have to be extra paid.
So what type of sailing trips can you enjoy with a Greek yacht charter? A popular choice on any experienced skipper’s sailing route in Greece is the picture-prefect island of Santorini – photos of this island grace any well researched resource.
Crete with its famed Minoan antiquities or lively Mykonos in the Aegean and Rhodes with its historic town are all options as starting points. Corfu with its Venetian heritage just west of the Greek mainland is probably the most convenient choice as it is a central spot to explore the Ionian islands – a favourite with sailors for its comfortable conditions and beautiful locations. Some of the islands have hubs of touristic activity, but in Greece it’s easy to find quiet beaches and unspoilt landscapes as the resorts have fortunately been limited to specific areas. Greek travellers, who also have a passion for sailing, flock to their own popular havens. You’ll meet many with a tip or two without doubt, giving you generous advice on the best places to visit.
A stone’s throw from Attica – the geographic basin where Athens is located, you have numerous islands to visit which are even visible from Sounion, the temple dedicated to Poseidon, god of the seas. These include Aigina (Aeginia) in the Saronic Gulf and Zea (pronounced Tzia and also spelt Gia, or Kea), one of the Cyclades. Just slightly to the north is large and long Evia popular with Greeks for its mineral baths or Loutra. Further north Skiathos in the Sporades islands offers golden beaches and lush vegetation and further south Paros flanked by Naxos and Mykonos offer you the quintessential Cyclades experience.
Your crewed Greece yacht charter may end up anchoring in a myriad of islands each with distinct scenes – from the youthful bars of Ios in the Aegean to the zen like tranquility of Meganissi in the Ionian, your captain will no doubt help you choose the perfect stops. The Greek islands will not disappoint – your only real limit is time and choosing the right company is key to making the most of it.
Here is a list of yachting companies that can be usefull for you:

DESCOVERY YACHTING THESSALONIKI http://discoveryyachting.com/about%20us%20.html
YACHTING GREECE CHARTERING COMPANY http://www.yachting-greece.com/
ISO CATAMARANS http://www.isocatamarans.com/
WILDSIDE SAILING http://www.wildsidegreece.com/
IONIAN BLUE SAILING http://www.ionianbluesailing.co.uk/
SAILING YACHTS OCEANOS http://www.sailoceanos.gr/
EXADAS YACHTS http://www.exadasyachts.com/
DMS SAILING GREECE http://www.dms-sailing.gr/
SIROCCO SAILING http://www.sirocco-sailing.gr/
SAIL GREECE YACHTS http://www.greeceyachts.com
OLYMPIC YACHTING http://www.olympicyachting.gr/
CYCLADES SAILING http://www.cyclades-sailing.com/
MYTHOS YACHTING http://www.mythos-yachts.gr/
APOLLONIA YACHTS http://www.apollonia-yachts.gr/
GLOBUS YACHTING http://www.globusyachting.gr/
GREEK ISLAND SAILING http://www.islandsailing.gr/
IONIAN YACHT KERKYRA MARINE http://www.kerkyramarineservices.com
INFINITY BLUE SAILING http://www.aibsailing.com/
CORFU YACHTING http://www.corfuyachting.com/
LEFAS TRAVEL http://www.lefastravel.gr/
MELITAS MARINE LUXURY YACHTS http://www.melitasmarine.com/yacht_vacations.htm
IONIAN RAY BOAT CHARTS http://www.ionian-ray.gr/
KEKERIS YACHTS http://www.kekeris-yachts.com/

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