Site Survey on Web

Alternative Skate & Snow:

This is an e-commerce/e-business site which has also associated Blog services

The business model:

E-shop business model. There is a value proposition for the specific target customer segment which is the skateboarders, surfers and snowboarders. The capability to deliver the value proposition to its customers is secured by the references of previous buyers, community of users and Blog references.

Market space involvment:
They are involved in electronic market, mainly with internet consuming retailing(B2C). B2B also exist. Associated links to other community sites like facebook/You Tube are available and this is the key characteristic that reveals their willing to be treated also as a community site.

Blog Service:
The bemefits of this Blog is direct connected with their online store which indirect or direct promoting and advertising their own goods. This is a very smart way to convince the e-customers to bye the offered goods which are meant to cover their needs in professional way

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