Rafting in Greece

Rafting is a highly challenging recreational water sports activity conducted mostly in high water currents. It involves navigating a river or a water body using a raft. In the ancient days, rafts were made by tying wooden planks together. The modern rafts, however, are made of inflatable rubber or vinyl fabrics and they can be used in white and rough water.

This sport is particularly popular in countries with wild rivers. As Greece has plenty of wild landscapes and rough rivers, many clubs organize frequent excursions to these areas.

The most popular areas to practice rafting are found in Northern Greece and the Peloponnese. Here are the most popular sites:

  • Peloponnese– Lousios & Alfios River (grade II-III), Ladonas River
  • Evrytania – Acheloos River (grade I), Tavropos River (grade II), Trikeriotis River (grade III)
  • Meteora – Aspropotamos (grade III), Aliakmonas (various difficulty levels from 1-5)
  • Grevena  Venetikos river (various difficulty levels from 1-5), Mileopotamos River (grade 4)
  • Kissavos–  Pinios (various difficulty levels from 1-3)
  • Zagorochoria  – Voidomatis (grade I-II)
  • Serres – Alistrati, Aggitis (grade II)
  • Drama – River Aggitis (grade of difficulty 3), River Nestos (grade of difficulty 2)
  • Kastoria –  Nestorio (grade II)
  • Tzoumerka – Kalaritikos, (grade IV) Arachthos (various difficulty levels from 1-4)
  • Nafpaktia – Evinos (grade II)
  • Mountainous Pella – Moglenitsas, Edessaios
  • Xanthi – Nestos (difficulty level 1-3)

Rafting usually takes place in Greece between October to May, though in some rivers you can enjoy rafting throughout the year. These rafting paths present various degrees of difficulty. There are some parts that require certain rafting experience and previous capacities, while there are also others that are appropriate for beginners.
In any case, most clubs that organize rafting excursions offer courses for novices. Note that some excursions last for more than one day and may combine rafting with other sports, such as trekking or horse-riding. They also propose and include accommodation.

The most famous Greek clubs that organize rafting excursions.
Important rafting clubs in Greece:

Scoutway, 1 Ptolemeon St., Pagrati, Athens

Trekking Hellas, Rethymnou 10, Athens

Riverland Outdoor Activities, Toksotes area, Xanthi

Alpine Club (multiple locations)

No Limits at Konitsa, Epirus

Experience Outdoor Activities, 3 Chr. Pipsou str., Thessaloniki

Some video available in YouTube:

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