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Don’t look down…. On the SkyRide

The Vertical Chill SkyRide is suspended high above the rock climbing towers and hangs 15m high above the main entrance.
Look up as you go up the escalators to see people swinging from the wooden and rope features of this unique aerial assault course.
The SkyRide was the first of its kind to be opened in the UK, and provides a perfect introduction to extreme and adventurous activity that will set the adrenaline pumping!
Anyone from the age of 6+ can have a go and enjoy a breathtaking view and an exhilarating journey around the obstacles hanging from the centres ceiling. A fun challenge for all ages!

Rock Climbing
Xhilerating Vertical Chill Climbzone
Situated in one of the most striking locations in Xscape, towering high over the entrance atrium, the ClimbZone rock climbing walls are a sight to behold. The two rock climbing walls themed on the classic North American sandstone towers in Castleton and Monument Valley, are both a living sculpture and a serious adventure & leisure playground.
Climbing the walls requires no specific technical training or expensive equipment hire and there are highly qualified staff trained to take anyone over the age of 6 on an exhilarating, breathtaking introduction to adventure! With different routes to choose from there is a challenge for anyone from the beginner to the advanced climber!

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