e-sports.com site survey


The e-sports.com is an e-sport writting community, which utilizes the efficiencies of the Internet to organize, collect and distribute traditional sports content products. Corresponding with alternative-sports blogspot.com, I believe that it could be considered as its guide, in therms of customer relationships or revenue model.

The Business Model:

Its business model is the social networking and user created content. Its target group is sports fans all over the world, while there is a cooperative relationship between the company and the readers. who are also potential authors. So, there is a people-to-people transaction. The revenue model that is clear visible is the affiliate model, but under other circumstances it could be advertising or subscription fee model.

The Marketspaces & Marketplaces:
e-sports.com could be assumed as an indermediary between the authors authors and the readers, however is not clear in what marketplace is involved.

Blog service benefits & limitations:
My opinion is that there is no need to create a blog service inside a social networking site.

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