Bungy jumping in Greece

As a sport for exhilarating emotions, bungy (or bungee) jumping has acquired its own fans in Greece. It only became known a few years ago as among others, there are not enough high buildings or large bridges to attract jumpers who want to create their own personal record. However, the desire of many young persons to live this unique feeling caused by jumping into the void was the motivating force for the creation of specialized companies that train people in bungy jumping.

The most important and highly visited bungee spots in Greece is the bridge of Chalkida, about 100 km to the north of Athens, and the Corinth Channel, a bridge 100m high. So many people go to Greece and the Greek Islands for their summer vacasions thinking of blue skies, white buildings, blue blue seas, wonderful beaches, great food, Zorba’s Dance… hmm, I could go on for ever, but the thought of an extreme sport at the same time might not have occurred to you. However, it might interest you to know that the second highest bridge-bungy jump in Europe is also here… The Liquid Bungy Jump off the Aradaina Bridge, Sfakia, 85 km south west of Chania (or Hania), Crete.

This old military bridge is the highest one in Greece and the Balkans and links the edges of a wild canyon. Liquid Bungy operated for the first time in Greece in 1999 and since 2004 on the Aradaina Bridge, but please note that it is only open during the summer months and weekends only. Pretty long opening hours though – from 12 a.m. to dawn! But if you can put your own group together of a minimum of 10 people you can arrange to jump whenever you want – during the summer. By September this jump will be closed again…

Here is a list of companies that organize bungy in Greece:

Company:Liquid Bungee Team
Address: 1-halkida bridge 40m high the oldest and the most famous bungee site in greece
2- aradena 138m high the highest bridge in balkans by far
3- parnitha cable car 80m high
4- paros monasthri naousa 50m by crane
5- rock wave festival in athens 50m by crane
6- kriti rethimno 50m bridge.
Telephone: 003018317117
Email: liquid@bungee.gr
Website: http://www.bungee.gr/
Date:Apr 2001

Company:Zulu Bungy Jump
Address: Isthmos – Korinthos Channel Cyclades – Athens – Greece
Telephone:+301 5147051
Email: info@zulubungy.com
Website: http://www.zulubungy.com/
Type:Bridge (100 Meters)
Cost:40 – 50 EURO
Comments:Sports – Gear – Sound
Date: May 2001

Company:Xdream Bungee
Address:Punda beach Paros, Shape Club Halkidiki, Greece
Telephone:+30 1 6998990
Email: xdreamteam@yahoo.com
Type: Crane (60 Meters)
Cost: 12000
Comments: Special Bungee Jumps
Date: Dec 2000

Company: Bungee Jumping Club
Address: Apollonos 5 Melissia, Athens
Telephone: +30-93-2054000
Email: Bungee.jumping.club@mail.com
Type: Crane (40 Meters)
Cost: 35 euro.
Comments: All extreme sport activities, Bungee jumping, Parapente, Snowboarding, Sky diving, Rafting From: Above address – Jun 2002

Company:New World Bungy, Extreme Sports Co.
Address:Hersonissos, Starbeach
Website: http://www.newworldbungy.com/
Type:Crane (65 Meters)
Cost: 30 – 40 EURO
Date: Aug 2001

Address: falirakie greece rhodes aqrious pool bar
Telephone: 01914211658
Email: k.midd@talk21.com
Type:Crane (250 Feet)
Cost: 40 – 50 EURO
Comments: all types of jumps includeing a few new ones invented by phil Mcdonald NZ best jump master in the world!!!!!
Date: Sep 2001
Some video available in YouTube:

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