Blue Fin Divers Diving Centre

Bluefindivers was established at Naxos Island (Cyclades, Greece) by the professional diver Mr. Panagiotis Niflis on 2006 simultaneously with the lifting of free diving legal prohibition.
The whole Aegean Sea region between Naxos and Paros islands constitutes an exceptionally destination for diving and exploring underwater world with picturesque environment, crystal waters and magical locations.

Bluefindivers can provide a special underwater tour to special spots for unforgettable plunges such as:

  • The “Broken Ship”, the wreck of cargo ship “Marianna” which sunk in 1982 at the duration of a severe storm.
  • The “Wooden Seaplane”, the remains of a World War I aircraft Arado.
  • The “Lost Beaufighter”, a British bomber aircraft which sunk during World Word II.
  • The “Mermaids Cave”, an ancient concealed and underground cavern at Padieronissi islet.
  • A variety of magical reef dives.
Bluefindivers keep exploring new “hidden places” in order to provide you with more and more diving spots.

The technical equipment consists of:

  • A 9 meter polyesteric boat with 320HP Mercruiser engine, which can transfer safely and comfortably up to 12 divers.
  • A latest technology “Paramina”(13,000 lt per hour) compressor.
  • Oceanic and Tiquillio equipment (bought on 2006) excellently maintained.
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